We offer a full spectrum of services: measurement, selection of fabrics, the design-project drawing of the blinds, the installation of eaves, tailoring of fabric products. Sewing of blinds for a hall, kitchen, nursery-room, bedroom, office, living room, and bathroom. Large range of fabrics, cornices are available, and this allows the clients not to wait for prolonged delivery, and window decoration from metering to finished product takes only a few days.

Our blinds will create a wonderful mood in your home, as an essential part of the interior.

The “Eurotextile” network of salons of blinds offers the full range of service:

The “Eurotextile” experts carry out design and tailoring of curtains of all kinds and any complexity: a classic, with lambrequins, French, Austrian, Roman, Japanese, with eyelets, roll blinds, thread curtains, beads curtains at your request.

There are in stock and on order a wide assortment of fabrics from the best textile factories in Europe, Turkey, the UAE, such as: “JAB”, “Albert Guegain”, “Christian Fishbacher”, “Clerion”, “Casalegno Tendaggi”, “ERRE ERRE”, “Aznar Textile”, “Gerster”, “Dateks”, “Vallini” ,”Rasch Textil”, “York”, “MYB Textiles” and other world-known manufacturers. The warehouse of the company stores an unprecedented footage of the economy class fabrics. The collection of fabrics is regularly refilled with novelties from the textile exhibitions of Milan, Paris, Frankfurt, Istanbul.

There are decorative cornices as in stock and on order, both wood and forged from European producers “Gifer”, “Altran”, “Mandelli”, “Interstil”, “Guzzi”.

The warehouse offers a great selection of plastic and metal shaped cornices made by “Mottura”, “Silent Gliss”, “Perway”, “Tumray” companies. The “Silent Gliss” cornices are bent to fit any complex architectural form. Experienced and highly qualified specialists will provide professional installation of cornices, will hinge curtains.

“Eurotextile” has a rich choice of systems with electric actuator: the “Mottura”, “Silent Gliss” profiled cornices; roll-curtains and blinds from “Perway”, “Somfy”, “Isotra”, “Lupo”. Classical, Japanese, Roman blinds, marquises on the drive with the possibility of connection to the “smart house” system. Our company provides warranty for the electric drive systems.

Accessories for curtains and cornices will add to your interior and elaborate look. The various hooks, brackets, magnets, brushes, garters, fringe and much more from the European and Turkish manufacturers: “Gerster”, “JAB”, “Gifer”, “Mandelli”, “Scaglioni”, “Dateks”, “Guzzi”, “Ozesh”, “Magestik” are in stock and on order.

The “Eurotextile” certified experts will create for you an integrated textile “turnkey” design, beginning from the choice of curtains and textile interior elements, such as exclusive blankets, pillows, umbrella, table cloth, lampshades and up to sewing of covers for chairs and armchairs, covers of furniture and wall with the upholstery cloth.

Manufacture of opera and theatrical scenes of any complexity and size. There are in stock and on order a great choice of portieres and reinforced cornices for curtains and decorations. The company is able to install the electric drive systems for the increased weight portieres. It offers making appliqués, embroidery of various drawings, emblems, designs, symbols for the scenery scene of any size.

“Eurotextile” provides visits to sites by its experts with catalogues and samples. A skillful designer will help you to choose the most suitable fabrics, cornices and accessories, which fit to your interior and complement it. Services of a designer, measurements and hinge at placing an order are provided free of charge! Business trips to far sites are possible.

Our company offers a large collection of handmade decorative accessories. Art Studio, which has no analogues in Kazakhstan, produces exclusive decor, decorative pillows, all kinds of the garter, ikebana, individual embroidered cushions and curtains, embroidery and complex applications on the blinds and lambrequins of various sizes.

Textile goods for supply to hotels and restaurants the company provides wholesale on request: blankets, pillows, towels, bathrobes, slippers, tablecloths, napkins and other goods. Thanks to a significant number of staff in the shop the company easily will produce for wholesale buyers a large amount of products exactly in a specified period of time.

Our company provides with the embroidery on the fabric of any drawing, design, logo of varying size and complexity, with the help of professional embroidery machines. Your set of curtains or any other textile products will acquire individuality and uniqueness.