«Eurotextile» company has its own clothing manufacture, which is constantly updated with specialized sewing-machines. These are high-performance, high-speed; non-stop machines from the German Company «PFAFF», as well as from the Japanese firms «JUKI» and «BROTHER».

These machines are equipped with a software control, including automatic fastening, claw lift and thread cut.

The quality of the product tailoring depends not only on the latest equipment, but also on the highly skilled specialists. Magic hands of seamstress perform a designer’s idea in a work of art. Skill and ability of tailor's cutter, burnishers and specialists of the of the quality verification department allow to produce high-quality products just in time.

There are high-speed special machines made by the American Firm «Gammill Quilting Machine Co» in the shop for stegocrotaphic voluminous curtains, decorative zigzag stitching. With this machine it is possible to produce a non-standard good of any length and width up to four meters. An operator of the stegocrotaphic machine after training in the Gammill firm will produce a high quality product in any volume and short time.

Industrial compressor irons of the Turkish Firm «Malkan» provide quality, safe ironing for any, and even very delicate fabrics. The meticulous and skilled master irons up to 400 meters of fabric per a shift. Heat-wet treatment is performed with a special press, which under high pressure and temperature provides a firm and lasting connection of tissues.

Professional embroidery machine from the German company «ZSK», allows embroidering of any complexity to the fabric or the finished product. Professional embroidery machine of the German company «ZSK», allows you to do the embroidery of any complexity on the fabric or the finished product. Eight heads of the machine, managed by supplied software allows making a large number of embroidery in the short term. High-tech threads «Gutermann», «Gunold», «Empiriler» ensure the quality of the picture, color depth, minimize the probability of a break in the process of embroidery.

The «JQ Laser» laser desktop for the cutting of tissue is used in the production shop. With its help tailor's cutters can cut the elements of the complex product with a millimeter precision. In addition, the laser desktop program has a function of the engraving over skin and other dense materials. The laser desk allows processing of leaf tissue size of 1300х2500 mm.