Accessories of authorship

Our art studio will be able to produce for you the exclusive lampshades, ornamental pillows, various garters, ikebanas, custom embroidery of pillows and blankets, and embroidery and complex appliqué works for curtains and lambrequins.

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Sprig of rose 01.25.25
Size: 25x25 cm
Satin rose 01.70.20
Size: 70x20 cm
Rose 01.65.15
Size: 65.15 cm
Rose 01.45.20
Size: 45x20 cm
Rose 01.45.10
Size: 45x10 cm
Rose 01.30.25
Size: 30.25 cm
Rose 01.20.20
Size: 20x20 cm
Rose 01.15.05
Size: 15x05 cm
Gentle rose 01.70.15
Size: 70x20 cm
Cold roses 01.50.13
Size: 50x13 cm
Biscuit rose 01.50.50
Size: 50x50
Autumn rose 01.65.13
Size: 65x13 cm
Показано с 1 по 12 из 165 (показать все)