About company

Company “Eurotextile” works on the market of curtains, draping and tulles in Kazakhstan since 1995. We have eight specialized curtains saloons in Almaty, Astana and Atyrau. Our representatives work in the cities of Kostanai, Taraz, Aktau. “Eurotextile” has its private clothing manufacture, constantly modernized and upgradable with specialized sewing machines manufactured by the German firm “PFAFF” and Japanese firm “Brother”.
Regular participation and visiting international exhibitions of textiles in the cities of Frankfurt, Milan, and Istanbul allow us to keep abreast of the latest novelties of textile industry. “Eurotextile” is the exclusive supplier in Kazakhstan of products manufactured by such well-known firms as: “JAB”, “Albert Guegain”, “Christian Fishbacher”, “Clerion”, “Casalegno Tendaggi”, “ERRE ERRE”, “Aznar Textile”, “Gerster”, “Dateks”, “Home Art”, “Vallini”, “Interstil”, “Mottura”, “Mandelli”, “Gifer”, “Silent Gliss”, “Perway”, “Guzzi”, “Ozesh”, “Magestik” and other world known manufacturers.

We offer a wide range of curtain and upholstery fabrics, tulle, accessories, curtain rods, hotel business provision with goods from slippers and dressing gowns to bed linen and mattresses with delivery across Kazakhstan and beyond.

The main thing in our business is manufacture products under individual orders of our clients. We can create in the fabric almost any fantasy, embodied in modern design.

Our curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths, curtain rods and other textiles can be seen both in private apartments and farmhouses, and hotels, restaurants, clubs, theatres, Casino, as well as banks, offices of companies, government institutions and other public places.

Perhaps the idea to change and decorate own House with decorative fabrics-is not new; but it is not so easy to gain inspiration and proper use of those materials that are available at your fingertips, and we are those who can help. We do not advise you to hang on your walls each found fabric, although if you have a truly valuable cloth, it can be an excellent idea. Serious collectors refer to ancient and rare textiles as a work of art and give it a very special place it deserves. Any fabric, created by human hands, has a certain charm.

The embodiment of your dreams in the ideal interiors is the Eurotextile’s mission and the work style of its staff. Designers believe that due to the textiles a room becomes truly intimate. Appearance of a window is a special art. In each special case, depending on the type of premises, the decorated window should be appropriately fit into the style of the Interior, in harmony with it. The main thing is that the fabric itself, its quality, texture and, of course, color, naturally would add to and shade the Interior ideas.

“Our designers will help you to embody all the most cherished dreams. High quality of performance, beauty and grace of your sets of curtains, bedspreads, pillows and other products will make you glad every day and hope that you will become our customer, partner and friend for many years!”
Your “Eurotextile”